Q: What should I expect at these parties?
A: Footnight provides a safe space in a discreet, private location, where you can explore your foot fetish, and sometimes other fetishes as well.  All of the models are real girls who enjoy these activities.  Please note that our parties are NOT designed to help you meet a girlfriend or a longterm Domme.  They are to provide a place where it is easy to indulge in your foot fantasies, with no questions asked!  Get straight to the point and dive right in!


Q: I’m nervous about being caught. Will I see anyone I know?
In 17 years, it has never happened at a single one of our parties.  The chances of you running into someone you know are INCREDIBLY low.  All of your information is kept private!  We do ask that you provide a legal ID matching the name you RSVP with, to make sure everyone is an adult.


Q: Where is the location?
The location of the foot party events varies from time to time, to allow guests and models from North, South, and West of Boston to be able to attend.  Our events sometimes extend to RI and NH as well.  Usually, the parties are held at a private residential location, but can sometimes be at nightclubs or community spaces around New England.  We strive to make sure the majority of our venues are easily accessible both by car and public transit, while also in areas with plenty of parking.  When you purchase a ticket to an event, the location will be emailed to you, usually the morning of the party.