Q: What should I expect at these “parties”?
A: Footnight is Boston’s longest-running foot fetish play party – established nearly 20 years ago! We provide a safe space in a discreet, private location, where you can explore your foot fetish, and sometimes other fetishes as well.  The parties are small, and intimate gatherings – not like going out to a club or house party.  Usually there are less than 20 people total at each event, and half of those are the models. Unlike some other similar parties you may have been to, Footnight New England does strive to create an even ratio of models to guys, so that no one is standing around waiting for sessions too long.  We aren’t fans of the sausage party scenario – so don’t worry about that, because it doesn’t happen!  Even if models occasionally have to cancel due to unforseen circumstances, we have a waiting list of models for every party, so we are ready to swap in other models if needed.

All of our models are real, and authentic people who actually enjoy these activities!  They are hand-selected by the organizers and include everything from girl next door types, college cuties, pinup models, stage performers, Dominant Goddesses, and more. *Please note that our events are NOT designed to help you meet a girlfriend or a longterm Domme.  They are to provide a safe and accepting place, where it is easy to indulge in your foot fantasies, with no questions asked!  No awkward explanations needed – Get straight to the point and dive right in!  Everyone is here for the same reason, so there’s nothing to be shy about.  There are very few other types of spaces that give you this type of freedom without judgement!

There are common mingling areas at the venue where you can get to know the models, but we recommend not lingering in these areas for too long — be assertive, introduce yourself to a model (if she doesn’t introduce herself first!), and take her to one of our semi-private session spaces! (Semi-private meaning, Closed doors are not allowed – the organizers need to be able to monitor activity and model safety.)

*Please Note: There is NO nudity, sexual activity, or drugs of any kind allowed at our events, EVER. Please do not ask our organizers or models for anything like this. No illegal activities are allowed!*


Q: I’m nervous about being seen at one of these – Will I see anyone I know?
In 17 years, it has never happened at a single one of our parties.  The chances of you running into someone you know are INCREDIBLY low.  These events are very small and intimate, and always in private locations. All of your information is also kept private!  We do ask that you provide a legal ID matching the name you RSVP with, to make sure everyone is an adult, and to have your information checked to keep our models safe.  Safety is our number one priority at Footnight. If you’re not comfortable showing your ID, you won’t be able to attend the party.


Q: Where is the location?
The location of the foot party events varies from time to time, to allow guests and models from North, South, and West of Boston to be able to attend.  Our events sometimes extend to RI and NH as well.  Usually, the parties are held at a private residential location, but can sometimes be at nightclubs or community spaces around New England.  We strive to make sure the majority of our venues are easily accessible both by car and public transit, while also in areas with plenty of parking.  When you purchase a ticket to an event, the location will be emailed to you, usually the morning of the party.


Q: Can I make special requests for the models?
Yes, absolutely! If you seek out something specific, please email us directly, once you’ve purchased your ticket, and we will accommodate your needs!  Whether it’s for smelly, ticklish, submissive, or Dominant feet – or any other light fetish play that does not involve nudity.  We are happy to make it happen for you!


Q: Can I bring a friend/wife/girlfriend?
A: Absolutely.  We especially welcome couples.  Simply purchase a second ticket for your companion, and you’re good to go!


Q: How can I make a good impression at the party?
Great question! First and foremost, be polite and respectful of models’ limits and boundaries at all times.  DO NOT just jump into something like tickling, or putting a model’s foot down your throat without asking her first, as this can freak out the models and is also quite simply disrespectful.  If our models become uncomfortable, they may not return, and we don’t enjoy losing our models over circumstances like this.  Every model has different limits and boundaries, and it is not okay to assume every model will like everything you want to explore. Ask first. Remember that there are real people attached to these feet.  CONSENT MATTERS.  

Other things you can do to make a good first impression include:

  • Having proper hygiene – your clothes should be clean and body odor should not be present.  There is no official dress code at the party, but be sure your appearance is not unkempt.  If your body odor is strong enough to make others uncomfortable, you may be asked to leave the event, and a refund will not be granted.
  • Bring a food or drink item to the party.  Models love healthy snacks like fruit plates.  Beer or wine is appropriate –  Hard liquor is not.  Water is provided at the event.
  • Bring extra cash to tip the models with!  It is customary to tip models extra if you really appreciate them – then they will really appreciate you!
  • Shower the models with compliments! Let them know what you love about their feet, or their whole look. Many of the newer models are shy, nervous, and even a little self-conscious. They’re probably just as nervous as you if it’s your first time! Help put them at ease by making them smile.
  • Don’t attempt to solicit the models.  Firstly, many of them only do sessions at events like this and get uncomfortable upon being asked about private sessions. Secondly, it’s against the party rules. Solicitation of our models is strictly not okay – and if you attempt to do so, they’ll report back and you may be banned from the events.


Q: What about tipping the models?
If you’re at a vetting party:  Included in your ticket is 1 session with every model – you may tip additionally on top of this if you like, but it’s not necessary.
If you’re at a VIP party: Tipping is required for each model.  Your ticket price pays ONLY for your entry to the party (which contributes to the overhead costs of the event space, as well as the time required by the organizers and event hosts to put on such an event.  Further information will be provided upon ticket purchase.


Q: I know someone I think would be a good model for your parties – can I refer her/them?
A: Yes! Simply contact us directly to give us a heads up – and then have the potential model fill out the application form.  If she/they are accepted and attend a party, we will give you $20 off your next ticket entry as a thank you.  (Note: We currently are not accepting any male-identifying models at this time.)